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    About US3M

    The 3-month treasury bond Bill is a short-term fixed income bond issued by the U.S. government with a term of three months to raise short-term expenditure demand. The issuer of this bond is the US Treasury Department, which conducts weekly auctions for issuance.

    The face value of the three-month treasury bond of the United States is $100. The maturity date is three months after the issuance date, and investors can withdraw the face value. The bond does not pay fixed interest, but is issued at a discount. Investors can obtain a certain profit by purchasing bonds at a price lower than their face value and recovering their face value on the maturity date. The yield of this bond is usually higher than other short-term bonds because its maturity is relatively long, but lower than long-term bonds because its maturity is relatively short.

    The US three-month treasury bond bond is an extremely safe investment option because the US government has the ability to pay its debts. The yield of the bond is also affected by changes in the US economy and interest rates. If the market expects the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates, the yield of the bond may rise, and vice versa.

    Investors can buy American three-month treasury bond bonds through stock exchanges or brokers, or directly through TreasuryDirect system. The liquidity of this bond is high because its maturity is relatively short, allowing investors to sell the bond at any time when they need funds.

    In short, the three-month treasury bond of the United States is a safe, short-term and highly liquid investment choice, suitable for investors who want to obtain stable returns and maintain their value in the short term. Due to its short term, the bonds are usually used for cash management and liquidity management, rather than for long-term investment plans.

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