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    About Japan7Y

    "Japanese 7-year government bond refers to a fixed-income bond issued by the Japanese government with a term of 7 years. Unlike other maturities, 7-year government bonds are generally considered medium- and long-term bonds with certain risks and returns. The following is about Some introductions to Japan's 7-year government bonds:

    A type of government bond: The 7-year national bond is a bond issued by the Japanese government to raise government spending and meet the funding needs of the country's infrastructure.

    Fixed interest rate: The interest rate of the Japanese 7-year government bond is fixed, and the holder can obtain a fixed principal and interest income when the bond matures. Because it is a medium- and long-term bond, its interest rate is relatively high, usually higher than that of short-term treasury bonds, but lower than that of long-term treasury bonds.

    Investment risk: Unlike other maturities, 7-year treasury bonds are considered medium- and long-term bonds, which have certain risks and returns. Compared with short-term treasury bonds, the price fluctuation of 7-year treasury bonds is more violent, so its risk is relatively higher.

    Market liquidity: Japan's 7-year government bond is one of the most active bonds in the Japanese bond market and has good market liquidity. After purchasing the bond, the holder can freely buy and sell it in the market, so this bond is also a relatively easy-to-flow investment.

    Portfolio diversity: 7-year treasury bonds are usually used to construct investment portfolios, which can be combined with other maturities of treasury bonds, stocks and other financial assets to achieve portfolio diversification and risk diversification.

    In short, the Japanese 7-year government bond is a medium-to-long-term fixed-income bond with relative risks and returns, suitable for investors who seek relatively high returns. Investors can achieve portfolio diversification and risk diversification by purchasing such bonds. "

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