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    About China30Y

    "China's 30-year treasury bond is a bond issued by the Chinese government to raise long-term funds. The bond has a term of 30 years and is one of the long-term bonds among Chinese government bonds that can provide relatively high yields.

    The bond is issued to meet the funding needs of national infrastructure construction, education, medical care and other social undertakings, as well as to deal with other government financial expenditures. During the bond issuance period, the holder can obtain fixed interest, usually once a year, until the bond matures, the principal and the final interest will be repaid to the holder in one lump sum.

    China's 30-year government bond is generally considered a relatively safe investment option because it is issued by the Chinese government and has certain credit backing. In addition, 30-year Treasury bonds have a higher interest rate and a longer investment horizon than shorter-term Treasury bonds, so they can provide investors with higher returns.

    The bond is usually traded in the Chinese bond market, and investors can purchase and hold the bond through securities companies, banks or other financial institutions. For individual investors, the bond purchase threshold is relatively high, usually requiring a certain amount of investment and market awareness.

    In conclusion, China's 30-year treasury bond is a relatively safe long-term investment option that can provide investors with relatively stable returns and a long investment period. "

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