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    About China3Y

    "China's 3-year treasury bond refers to the 3-year treasury bond issued by the Chinese government. The treasury bond refers to the debt instrument for the government to raise funds from the public. It is a long-term bond, and the government guarantees the repayment of principal and interest. Issued by the Chinese government The purpose of treasury bonds is to raise funds to support the development of social undertakings such as national infrastructure construction, poverty alleviation, education and medical care, and to cope with economic downward pressure. The following are some basic characteristics and investment risk analysis of China's 3-year treasury bonds :

    1. Basic features: The term of China's 3-year treasury bonds is 3 years, the coupon rate is fixed, and the interest is paid once a year. National debt can be listed and circulated on the stock exchange, and can be used as collateral for financing. The issuance of treasury bonds is relatively large, and the investment threshold is relatively low, which is suitable for small and medium investors to purchase.

    2. Investment risk: As a bond instrument, treasury bonds have relatively low risks. The credit rating of the Chinese government is relatively high, and the solvency of national debt is fully guaranteed. However, the price of treasury bonds is greatly affected by changes in market interest rates. If market interest rates rise, the price of treasury bonds will fall, and investors may face the risk of capital loss. In addition, treasury bonds may also have liquidity risks. If the treasury bonds need to be sold in advance within the term, they may face the risk of falling prices or being unable to sell.

    3. Tax incentives: In order to encourage investors to buy treasury bonds, the Chinese government exempts personal income tax on the interest obtained by individuals holding treasury bonds. This policy can increase the real rate of return of treasury bonds.

    In short, China's 3-year treasury bond is a relatively low-risk investment tool. Investors can obtain fixed coupon rate returns and enjoy the benefits of preferential tax policies by purchasing treasury bonds. However, investors need to pay attention to changes in market interest rates and the liquidity risk of government bonds to avoid capital losses. "

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