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    About iAu9999

    iGold 9999 is an online gold investment product, also known as iAU9999. It is a gold spot investment product launched by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), aiming to provide investors with a more flexible and convenient way to invest in gold.

    iGold 9999 is a gold spot contract based on gold 9999, with a lot of 100 grams per lot and a minimum trading unit of 0.01 lots. Investors can trade through ICBC's online banking, mobile banking or third-party securities trading platform, and compared with physical gold trading, investors can avoid a series of problems such as storage and insurance in spot gold trading.

    The price of iGold 9999 is affected by market supply and demand, and can be traded at any time, and the market price is also open and transparent. In addition, iGold 9999 can also be used as an alternative to a monetary fund because its price is highly correlated with the price of physical gold, and the yield of a monetary fund is affected by factors such as market interest rates and economic environment.

    Investing in iGold 9999 also has high liquidity and security. It can be traded at any time and is not limited by the storage and transfer of physical gold, improving the liquidity of funds. At the same time, iGold 9999 is issued by ICBC and filed by People's Bank of China, which has high credit security.

    Overall, iGold 9999 is a convenient, flexible, transparent, liquid and safe gold investment product, especially suitable for investors who want to get a return on investment in the gold market, but do not want to hold physical gold directly.

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