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    About Wool

    Wool refers to hair collected from sheep and is one of the most common natural fibers. Wool has many unique properties, such as warmth, breathability, durability, etc., so it is widely used in clothing, home decoration, carpets and so on.

    The quality of wool depends on many factors such as sheep breed, age, season, feed, etc. Generally, wool with fine wool, good elasticity and uniform color is of higher quality. Before collecting wool, sheep need to be trimmed or sheared to ensure the quality and quantity of wool.

    Wool is widely used, mainly used to make wool sweaters, woolen fabrics, carpets, etc. Wool has good warmth properties, can keep the body temperature stable, and is not susceptible to cold weather. Wool is also breathable, absorbs sweat and evaporates quickly without feeling stuffy.

    In addition to warmth performance, wool also has excellent waterproof, dustproof, antibacterial and other properties, so it is also widely used in outdoor clothing, bedding and other aspects. At the same time, wool is also an environmentally friendly material, renewable and biodegradable.

    Although the quality and performance of wool is excellent, its price is relatively high, and some people will have allergic reactions to wool. Therefore, when buying and using wool products, you need to pay attention to choosing products that suit you and maintain good use and maintenance habits.

    In short, wool is a natural fiber with excellent quality and diverse functions, which is widely used in clothing, home decoration, carpets and other fields. Its warmth and breathability are its most prominent features, so it is favored by consumers.

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