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    About Rubber

    Rubber is an elastic material that is widely used in the manufacture of various rubber products, such as tires, seals, rubber tubes, gloves, rubber shoes and so on. The characteristics of rubber are its high elasticity and plasticity, it can undergo many stretches and shrinkages without breaking, so it is suitable for manufacturing products that need to withstand heavy pressure and impact.

    The raw material for rubber comes mainly from the emulsion of the rubber tree, which is a white gelatinous substance that can be collected by slicing grooves in the skin of the rubber tree. After the collected emulsion is processed, natural rubber can be obtained.

    In addition to natural rubber, there are also synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is manufactured through chemical reactions and has similar physical properties to natural rubber, but its material sources are more extensive and cheaper. Synthetic rubber is commonly used in the manufacture of industrial supplies such as seals, pipes and conveyor belts.

    In the production process of rubber products, processing and vulcanization are required. Processing is the mixing of rubber with other materials and molding it by extrusion, calendering, molding, etc. Vulcanization is the heat treatment of the molded rubber product in order to enhance its elasticity and wear resistance. The vulcanization process is usually carried out at high temperatures and pressures, and vulcanizing agents and accelerators can be used to control the reaction speed and product quality.

    In general, rubber is a widely used material with characteristics such as high elasticity, plasticity and wear resistance. It is suitable for many different industries, such as automotive, construction, medical, and many more, and has a great impact on people's lives and work.

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