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    About LiveCattle

    Live cattle are adult cattle that have not been slaughtered. As an important agricultural production material and production material, live cattle are widely used in meat production, milk production, leather products production and agricultural machinery use.

    There are many varieties of live cattle, common including scalpers, dairy cattle, beef cattle, buffalo, etc. Different breeds of live cattle have different characteristics and uses, for example, beef cattle are mainly used for meat production, while dairy cattle are mainly used for milk and dairy production.

    In terms of feeding management, live cattle need to obtain adequate diet and water to maintain their growth and health. Reasonable feeding management can improve the production efficiency and production quality of live cattle, reduce breeding costs, and ensure their health and safety.

    In meat production, live cattle are usually slaughtered and processed to produce beef products. As a high-protein, low-fat meat food, beef is rich in nutrients and is widely used in human dietary life.

    In addition to meat production, other products of live cattle also have important economic and practical value. For example, milk and dairy products, as an important nutritional food, have a wide range of application value. At the same time, cowhide and hair can also be used to make products such as leather and fabric.

    In short, as an important agricultural production material and production material, live cattle play an important role in promoting agricultural and economic development. At the same time, it is necessary to comply with relevant laws, regulations and standards in feeding management and meat production to ensure their health and safety.

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