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    About AuTN2

    Gold T+N2 is a financial investment product, which means that investors need N working days after T day (trading day) (+2 days) after buying gold to sell gold. Here's an introduction to gold T+N2:

    Investment period: Gold T+N2 is a short-term investment product, usually the investment period is 2 trading days to 5 trading days, with high liquidity and flexibility, investors can freely choose the buying and selling time according to market conditions and personal needs.

    Investment method: Gold T+N2 is mainly issued through bank counters, exchanges and other financial institutions, investors can invest through securities accounts or gold accounts, or indirectly invest in gold T+N2 through financial instruments such as gold T+N2 funds.

    Trading process: Investors can buy gold T+N2 on the exchange or bank counter on the trading day, and need N working days +2 days after T day to sell it. Investors can understand the price and changes of gold T+N2 by checking the account balance during the holding period.

    Risk and return: The price fluctuation of gold T+N2 is related to the spot price of gold, and its return mainly comes from the change of gold price. Investors need to pay attention to market risk and liquidity risk when buying gold T+N2, and also need to allocate investment and control risk according to market conditions and personal needs.

    Taxes and fees: Gold T+N2 transactions are subject to transaction fees, which vary from institution to institution. In China, T+N2 gold held by individuals is not subject to VAT, but may be subject to stamp duty and other relevant taxes when it is sold.

    In general, gold T+N2 is a liquid and flexible gold investment product, suitable for short-term investors or investors who are more sensitive to market conditions. Investors need to pay attention to market risk and liquidity risk when purchasing gold T+N2, and carry out investment allocation and risk control according to market conditions and personal needs to achieve better investment returns.

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