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    About AUTD

    Gold T+D is a financial derivative in the Chinese mainland market, which is a futures contract with gold as the underlying asset, and its full name is gold deferred delivery contract. Such contracts can be traded on the China Futures Exchange, which is currently mainly traded on the Shanghai Futures Exchange and the Dalian Commodity Exchange.

    Gold T+D is traded in a similar way to stocks, and investors can trade through futures accounts of futures companies or securities companies. Its delivery method is deferred delivery, that is, after the expiration of the contract, the exchange will settle the difference in the value of the contract according to the prevailing gold market price, rather than physical delivery.

    The price fluctuation of gold T+D is related to the fluctuation of the gold market price, and its price is affected by supply and demand, macroeconomic factors, geopolitics and other factors. In the trading process, investors can develop corresponding trading strategies by analyzing market trends and fundamental factors.

    Gold T+D trading also has certain risks, investors should reasonably control positions and risks according to their own risk tolerance and trading experience. In addition, the trading of gold T+D is also affected by regulatory policies, and investors also need to pay attention to the impact of policy changes on the market.

    Compared with other gold investment methods, the advantage of gold T+D is that its trading threshold is relatively low and the trading process is relatively simple. In addition, the trading time of gold T+D is also relatively long, which allows investors to better avoid the risk of market fluctuations.

    In general, gold T+D is a financial derivative in the Chinese mainland market and a way for investors to trade gold futures. It has certain risks, investors should fully understand the market situation and investment risks, and take corresponding risk control measures.

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