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    About Thailand

    Thailand is a medium -income country. Its economic development level ranks second in Southeast Asia, second only to Singapore. The Thai economy has made significant progress in the past few decades, mainly due to dependence on exports, investment in tourism, and the growth of foreign direct investment.

    Thailand's GDP (GDP) is the core indicator of the country's economy. According to data in 2021, Thailand's total GDP was 547.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 0.2%over the previous year. However, due to the influence of the new crown epidemic, the Thai economy was severely damaged in 2020, and the total amount of GDP decreased by 6.1%. However, the Thai government has adopted a positive fiscal policy and monetary policy to stimulate the economy. Coupled with the recovery of the global economy and the advancement of the domestic vaccination process, the Thai economy is gradually recovering.

    The export of Thailand is another important part of the country's economy. Thailand's main export products include electronic products, automotive parts, accessories, chemicals, etc. According to data in 2021, Thailand's total exports were 246.4 billion US dollars, an increase of 21.8%over the previous year. This is mainly due to the recovery of the export market and the recovery of the global economy.

    Tourism is also an important part of the Thai economy. Thailand has rich cultural and natural resources, attracting a large number of international tourists. However, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic caused the tourism industry to be seriously affected, and many hotels and tourist attractions were forced to close. According to data in 2021, Thailand received 200,000 international tourists, a decrease of 91.5%from the previous year. Despite this, with the increase in vaccine vaccination rate and the gradual recovery of tourism, the Thai government is taking measures to re -promote the tourism industry.

    In general, the Thai economy was greatly impacted by the new crown epidemic in 2020, but the government took positive measures to stimulate the economy through financial and monetary policies, and it has gradually recovered in 2021. Exports and tourism are two important pillars of the Thai economy. In the future, the Thai government will continue to increase investment and support for these two areas to further promote economic development.

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