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    About Taiwan

    Taiwan is a developed East Asian economy with high openness, high -tech level, stable political environment and high competitiveness. In 2021, Taiwan's total GDP reached 585 billion U.S. dollars, one of the four small dragons in Asia. After living in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

    The main industries of the Taiwan economy include electronic information, semiconductors, precision machinery, chemical industry, textile and clothing and light industry. Among them, electronic information and semiconductors are the most important export industry in Taiwan and an important driving force for Taiwan's economic growth. Taiwan's semiconductor industry occupies a high market share in the global market and is one of the world's most important chip manufacturing centers.

    The service industry in Taiwan is also very developed, including finance, tourism, medical care, education and logistics. The financial industry occupies an important position in the Taiwan economy. Taiwan's banks, securities, insurance and other financial institutions are also competitive in the international market.

    Taiwan's economic growth mainly depends on exports and manufacturing. Export products are mainly for markets such as the United States, Japan, China, and Europe. In the context of globalization, Taiwan actively participated in international cooperation and joined international organizations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Global Climate Change Alliance. Economic connection and cooperation.

    Although Taiwan has made great achievements in economic development, it also faces some challenges, such as aging problems, unemployment rates, and environmental protection issues. The Taiwan government has been actively promoting structural reforms, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, strengthening environmental protection awareness, improving labor quality and competitiveness, in order to cope with these challenges and maintain stable economic growth.

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