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    About Japan

    Japan is a highly developed industrialization country, with its economic scale at the forefront of the world and has a strong manufacturing and high -tech industries. The following are some key data introduction of the Japanese economy:

    GDP: In 2020, Japan's total GDP was US $ 4.6 trillion, which is the third largest economy in the world, second only to the United States and China.

    Per capita GDP: In 2020, the per capita GDP of Japan is 36,000 US dollars, ranking among the forefront of the world.

    Unemployment rate: In March 2021, Japan's unemployment rate was 2.9%, and the lower unemployment rate reflected the stability of the Japanese labor market.

    Inflation rate: In March 2021, the Japanese consumer price index (CPI) rose 0.2%year -on -year, and the inflation rate was relatively low, showing the long -term shrinkage risk of Japanese economy.

    Trade: In 2020, Japan's total trade was 1.5 trillion US dollars. Japan's exports are mainly concentrated in manufacturing fields such as automobiles, semiconductors, steel and chemicals.

    Finance: Japan has the world's second largest securities exchanges -Tokyo Stock Exchange and one of the world's largest personal savings countries.

    Pension: The pension system implemented by Japan is the most successful and perfect in the world, and is considered the representative of the "three pillar" system.

    Industrial structure: Japan's main industries include manufacturing, service industry, financial industry, retail, etc. Among them, the manufacturing industry occupies an important position of the Japanese economy and is the pillar industry of the Japanese economy.

    In general, Japan is an economy with highly developed manufacturing and technological innovation capabilities. Although it is facing economic challenges such as aging and shrinking, its strong infrastructure, perfect social security system, and innovative enterprises continue to The emergence has provided good support and guarantee for Japan's future economic development.

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